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Glue vs. Stitching: Which is Best?

The stitching and glue debate seems to be never-ending. While some are content with gluing everything from accessories to fabrics, others swear by stitching for everything. Contrary to some beliefs, there is a balance between the two bonding options that allows designers to use both options during the creative process. Here is a short guide for stitching and gluing.

When to Sew

Just to be clear, sewing is always a better option than gluing. Stitching lasts longer and gives apparel a more refined appeal. It is necessary to sew when you are making garments from scratch. Glue will not withstand wear and tear, which means that you are only setting yourself up for failure by taking the shortcut of mending. Stitching is ideal when repurposing garments since such alterations need strong bonds that can survive multiple washes.

Sewing creates the perfect finish when you are adding trimmings or embellishments to clothes. Nothing says customisation like colourful threads that turns a bland outfit into something extraordinary. It is always advised to sew sequins and various pieces of fabric instead of gluing them together. Sequins especially deliver a more refined and luxurious appeal when they are stitched to an outfit. Gluing the accessories tends to provide a clustered look that comes off as cheap.


Glue should be used sparingly in creations. You should not use the substance to add large pieces of fabric to apparel, but you can utilise glue when placing accessories made of plastic, glass, or metal. Using glue that dries quickly is more convenient for these material types, especially metal, as it keeps the project from becoming messy. Accessorising leather with glitter is another project that requires glue since there is no way to sew the particles onto the rigid material.

Leather hems are also instances where glue may be more useful than sewing. Thick leather, in particular, may not be as flexible to stitching since folding over the material and maintaining a straight line can be quite challenging. When creating a hem with thick leather, it is important to apply adhesive quickly and set the trim with heavy books or other objects overnight. Do not lift the objects periodically to check on the bonding progress. Such action only hinders productivity.

There may be times when both gluing and sewing are options. Rhinestones and beads mainly offer binary options since some beads are large enough for stitching and some rhinestones look better when glued. You should gauge the value of accessories before deciding between gluing and sewing. Expensive crystals should never be bonded with material by way of adhesive as the substance has the potential to ruin the accessories. When in doubt, choose to stitch.

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