Altering sleeves and straps

Shorten cardigan jacket sleeves

This jacket has suede front and back panels, but ribbed knitted sleeves.  I had to shorten cardigan jacket sleeves even though the sleeve was knitted.  I do have some videos of cardigans being shortened, and this is no different, except that I used a wider and firmer stretch lace. Need to know more?  Click on the video and you will see how I altered this one. Happy altering Judith

Shorten sleeves with flounce

One of my regular clients had a top that needed two things done to it. The first was to shorten the sleeves as it was very long.  The second is creating straps which is a separate video.  But I thought you might like to see how I went about working out how much needed to be taken from the sleeve, and then how the alteration was done It is very important to [...]

Open french seam on hem allowance

Open french seam on hem allowance.  I showed in a previous post how to open the seam for a peaked or tapered sleeve.  In this instance, the seam allowance is not the normal over lock and stitch.  It has a french seam. It just requires a few more steps to get the hem allowance to sit flat. Happy altering Judith Turner

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Shorten peaked sleeves

This is a really beautiful dress.  But the sleeves are too long.  On top of that they flare out at the bottom.  The manufacturer put a small hem on the sleeve.  But it was twisted, and in my opinion did not look nice.  I decided to put a bigger hem allowance on the sleeve, but that meant I needed to do some tweaking to the hem allowance so that it would sit [...]