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I initially choose writing a book to share my knowledge

Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed 3rd EditionIt took 9 years to document my methods and techniques and complete my first edition of Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed.  Once completed, I sent off copies to publishers.  A lot of publishers did not reply, and those that did, said no. Limited copies available Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed

So I took the next step of getting the book printed, which included the book design, layout and creation of the Jean Genie.  Once that was complete I began to sell it via my new website.  I was approached by a publisher who reprinted the book calling it The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterations.  However it is no longer available as they are not reprinting it.

Clothing Alterations Book - Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed - 3rd Edition

A Step-by-Step PRACTICAL guide on how to alter "READY MADE" clothes

  • TAKING UP Technique - How to determine length AND how to guarantee length!
  • TAKING IN Technique - The perfect fit with my Unique Taking in Technique
  • Covering ALL GARMENT TYPES - Trousers, jeans, dresses, gowns, tops and jackets
  • REPLACE ZIPS - Jean zips, trouser zips and invisible zips

My invention - "Jean Genie" is attached at the inside front cover

  • Always cut the correct jean hem allowance
  • Create a professional jean hem using a domestic sewing machine
  • Thick seams will not be a problem
  • Over 550 illustrations with step by step instructions
  • Link to video "How to use the Jean Genie"


To receive a copy of the reprint, email (replace at with @) and I will put your name on a wait list.  Expect the receive the new book approximately April 2018.  If you prefer you can purchase the digital version.  To find out more click on this link

If you would like to view the Table of Contents click on the link below and it will open a PDF


The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterations

Is available at Booktopia, QBD, Angus and Robertson and eBay.

After my physical book, came eBooks.  Each one targets a specific clothing alteration.  see more............