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It took 9 years to document my methods and techniques.   Detailing how a person should perform an alteration cannot be described with just ONE instruction. Even something that would seem so simple as shortening a pair of jeans, before marking and cutting, the jeans need to be pinned.  Should the person wear shoes, joggers or dress shoes?  What about the width at the base of the jean?  Will the length be affected by the width?I needed to impart all that information but in a structured way that would be easy to understand. Here is some of what you will find in the 228 pages in this book.

  • Shortening the length on trousers, jeans, dresses, tops, shirts or jackets.  (There are not too many people who can buy "off the rack" and wear it straight away.)
  • Fitting a garment to a body shape.  (This means taking garments in.)
  • Replace broken zippers.  (Why throw the jeans or trousers away just because the zip has broken?)

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Clothing Alterations Book

A practical guide to clothing alterations