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Shorten jeans with Jean Genie

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Shorten jeans using the Jean Genie which is my invention for shortening jeans using a domestic sewing machine. It is available in the inside cover of Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed It ensures the correct length is cut on the jeans eliminating the fear of cutting too short.  If I had a dollar for every person who brought me a pair of jeans they had cut on the new length position. This is [...]

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Create tunic from a dress too tight at hips

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When a dress becomes too tight on the hip area, there are not a lot of options to alter it.  Particularly if there is no fabric to speak of.  This client had a brilliant idea to create tunic from a dress too tight at hips.  All I had to do was unpick the side seams, create splits and voila....  the dress is now a tunic. All you really need to do is wear [...]

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Shorten length nightie with gathered frill

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How to shorten length nightie with gathered frill is what this video covers.  Now I am not a nightie girl.  In fact I prefer my PJ's.  I I know that some people prefer nighties.  The issue is when a nightie is too long.  And if it has a gathered frill it can be a big job to shorten.  So I thought I would share my idea on shortening a nightie with a gathered [...]

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Add extension to lengthen tee shirt

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Add extension to length tee shirt that is too short.  Generally if a tee is too short, you would wear something underneath like a singlet or another tee.  But what if you didn't want to have that extra bulk?  You can add an extension without unpicking the hem or doing anything too time consuming.  Check out how I got around a tee shirt that was too short. Happy altering Judith

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How to fix tee shirt with oil stain

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How to fix tee shirt with oil stain when someone like me drops oil down my front.  I must be a messy eater, because I always seem to drip something down my front.  In this case it was an oil stain.  Or it could have been from cooking and the oil splashed up and hit my top.  But either way using talcum powder on the stain didn't work.  For those of you who [...]

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Repair padded lined jacket seam

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Repair padded lined jacket seam in 5 minutes flat.  Okay maybe it will take 10 minutes, but it's easy to do.  Most padded jackets are bulky, and when a seam comes undone, it might seem a hard repair to do.  But it's not. If the seam is not repaired, it will get bigger and bigger.  Then there will be an issue with the wadding on the inside of the jacket.   Because [...]