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Shorten jeans with Jean Genie

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Shorten jeans using the Jean Genie which is my invention for shortening jeans using a domestic sewing machine. It is available in the inside cover of Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed It ensures the correct length is cut on the jeans eliminating the fear of cutting too short.  If I had a dollar for every person who brought me a pair of jeans they had cut on the new length position. This is [...]

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Create small bustle on gown

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How to create small bustle on gown is what this video is about.  My client was leading the Year 12 formal (Prom) in the dancing (waltz)  and her beautiful gown had a lovely train.  She wanted to keep the train and didn't know what to do because in the waltz one has to step backwards.  One method is to create a loop that she can hold with one finger, but this wouldn't work [...]

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Shorten sleeves on a denim shirt

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Shorten sleeves on a denim shirt with buttons and buttonholes is another one of those alterations most people shy away from.  How many times do you come across a shirt with buttons and buttonholes and it  needs to be shortened?  Well this client did not want to pay me to shorten at the top of the sleeve.  He said just cut and sew.  I couldn't just cut and sew.  But to explain about [...]