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Shorten jeans with Jean Genie

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Shorten jeans using the Jean Genie which is my invention for shortening jeans using a domestic sewing machine. It is available in the inside cover of Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed It ensures the correct length is cut on the jeans eliminating the fear of cutting too short.  If I had a dollar for every person who brought me a pair of jeans they had cut on the new length position. This is [...]

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Remove embroidery uniform clothes

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Have you ever left a company, and because you paid for the uniform you take it with you.  Except the company logo is on the garment?  I found this really great embroidery remover.  They are not cheap, but if the garment is expensive it is worth owning one. Normally it would take hours and hours and days and days to remove embroidery.  It took no time at all with this device. [...]

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Extend waists 60s dress bodice with skirt

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One of my clients daughters is in a musical.  The dress was tight at the waist, and being a vintage there was not fabric to add that would not be noticeable.   But luckily it was too long.  Rather than cut from the hem, I thought it best to cut from the top of the skirt.  The reason - I was going to add to the bodice which meant the skirt would [...]

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Refashion your ironing board cover with quilted end

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My ironing board cover had holes in it!  How bad is that?  So I decided one weekend to create a new cover,  but not just any old cover.  the metal legs had seen better days, so I wanted to cover them too.  After much pondering, I decided to make a skirt.   Not being outdone, I then thought I would like to make a pouch for my scissors, quick unpick, nippers, bonding [...]

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Fix hook on mens suit trousers

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This is one of the most common repairs I get.  The hooks or bars on mens suit trousers can tear off the fabric.  There are a number of ways it can be repaired.  And instead of taking to an alteration shop, you could fix this yourself. That is of course if you are handy with a needle and thread. Happy altering Judith