About Judith aka genie

I live in a beautiful part of the world - Runaway Bay at the Gold Coast, Australia. My son Daniel and his wife Amalia live not too far away, so that I get to see my 3 grandsons on a regular basis. Having operated 6 clothing alteration shops, I find working from home works for me. I am kept busy with clients, plus as a self publisher I personally complete all orders for my book Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed. My goal is to help empower other people to feel confident altering ready-made clothes. I built this website with the advise of Morteza - developer of the Geelus POS software. Sewing is my passion through the medium clothing alterations. Happy altering, Judith Turner

Decorate shirt fabric strip

Do you have plain shirts in the cupboard and you really would love to dress them up a little.  This video will give you one idea to change the appearance of a plain shirt into something else. Have fun with this one.  Love to see your examples below in comments. Happy altering Judith

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Create buttonholes collar shirt

Some men like to have their collar neat which means buttons and buttonholes.  Most people are scared of doing buttonholes.  Truly you do not have to be.  It's easy and in this video I explain how. But you do need to understand how your machine works.  A sewing machine is like a bike.  You have to get on a bike and keep trying (falling off sometimes) before you get it right.  Well [...]

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Glue vs. Stitching Which is best?

Article provided by Sally Writes Glue vs. Stitching: Which is Best? The stitching and glue debate seems to be never-ending. While some are content with gluing everything from accessories to fabrics, others swear by stitching for everything. Contrary to some beliefs, there is a balance between the two bonding options that allows designers to use both options during the creative process. Here is a short guide for stitching and gluing. When to Sew Just to [...]

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Euro Jeans hem encased tip

Have you ever wanted to shorten some jeans that have the stonewashed look, but you want to keep that look?  And you know there is a quick option, but you don't like the seams showing on the inside?  Well in this video, I explain another way to shorten jeans, HOWEVER, sadly this is an exclusive video for Magic Circle. This is the type of video I want for my members.  Something that [...]

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