Clothing Alterations is my passion…. will show you how to alter your own clothes.

How much do you spend on clothing alterations a year?

Would you like to alter your own clothes and save?

For as little as 40 cents per day you can join my Magic Circle and have access to professional clothing alterations videos.  Maybe it will lead to a small cottage industry business working from home.  Or you can access over 250 blogs on clothing alterations at my Hints & Tips page.

“I would rather alter than make!”

I generally hear the opposite.

“I would rather make than alter!”

People think dressmaking is the same as altering.  It isn’t.  Altering a pattern is different from altering a ready-made garment.

My journey began when my son suggested I “PASS ON MY KNOWLEDGE”.  Besides how to alter clothes it also includes how “I offer my clients a 100% guarantee on workmanship!”

  1. A guarantee the length pinned will be the length the garment Taken Up to.
  2. A guarantee that the garment will be Taken In as I have pinned.

How many clothing alteration shops or dry cleaning agencies offer a guarantee on workmanship?

The guarantee is based upon my Taking In and Taking Up technique.  This is explained fully in my book Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed 3rd Edition.

I operate a clothing alterations business working from home in Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Australia.  If you are looking for someone to do your alterations I can be contacted through my Contact Us page.

I would like to dispel a myth.  Domestic sewing machines can create a professional jean hem.  I have been doing it for 20 years.  Shortening jeans or replacing a jean zip can be done on your old/new domestic sewing machine.  When shortening jeans it needs a little help with my Jean Genie.  No more skipped stitches.

When you think of clothing alterations do you immediately go into meltdown?  It does not have to be this way.  By following a proven technique, alterations can be fun and inspiring. will help you become the professional.

Here are some of the ways I am passing on my knowledge.

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“Thank you for your wonderful newsletter with mini topics and video.  I am waiting anxiously to read about taking in  bias cut dresses at the side.  I have a satin bias cut night gown to take in.  As my skill level increases, your book and newsletter are more and more valuable to me, unlike other books I have put to the wayside.  Thank you again!! Sincerely Sally”
Sally Cole, United States