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How to alter off the rack, ready made clothes by Judith Turner.

Check out the Online Tutorial Classroom which provides instructional videos and eBooks for the serious alterationist.

View over 70+ videos and eBooks are downloadable

MOST POPULAR eBook is how to draft sleeves for a sleeveless dress (or a sleeveless top).  Do you want to cover the top section of your arms?  Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that are sleeveless and not being worn?  You can change all that with this eBook.


geniecentre.com is dedicated to providing information on how to alter ready made clothes.  Whether the garment cost you $20 or $2,000, if it needs to be altered, and you would like to do it yourself, this is the website for you.

geniecentre.com provides instructional, clear guidance on how to alter all types of clothes.  Judith has 20+ years experience in this industry. After 6 shops and thousands upon thousands of clothes being altered by her, she has become a worldwide expert on clothes alterations.

Checkout her shop which includes books, eBooks, Haberdashery, Body Fitting Aids and Sewing Room furniture.

Browse the website as long as you like.  Here are some of the other resources on the website

  • Magic Circle is an exclusive ONLINE tutorial classroom, where you can log in at any time and view over 70+ videos and download all her eBooks.
  • Start a clothing alteration business  Clothes are so cheap to buy now.  Particularly from the internet.  But when you buy online you do not always get the right fit.  That's why so many people are starting clothing alteration businesses.  The demand is enormous.  But starting a business and knowing how to alter a garment are two totally different things - being redeveloped.
  • Hints and tips is a free blog with over 240 blogs on clothing alterations