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Author of The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterations Judith Turner

I was born in Nelson New Zealand.  I lived most of my younger years in Stratford, moving to New Plymouth when I was 10 and then on to Auckland when I was 13.  I was never great at school, and in fact English was not my best subject.  It was my worst, mostly coming last in class. I think my English teacher fretted for my future.  I loved my French class!  Seemed like an easy language to learn at the time.

What I find so interesting now that I am in my 60's is that I have meet many people who achieved success in their lives in the exact same area they failed at in school!  Imagine failing miserably in English, yet writing a book!   When I left school my father thought it best that I study to become a secretary.  Shorthand typing.  Ugh!!!  He was the principal of a Management/Secretarial school.  I wanted to do Management.  But only males did that.  WHAT WAS I THINKING!

So I attended secretarial school for 18 months.  I never got the hang of shorthand, but I did take to typing.  After some pretty mundane jobs, I moved to New Guinea and became an air hostess with Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea.  Now that was an interesting few years.  Flying around Papua New Guinea in Fokker's, DC3's and Sky-vans.  Had a few near misses with accidents.

I have tried many different career options.  They have all taught me something, but the one area that I came back to when times really got tough was sewing.  I remember watching my mum sew.  She was a seamstress in a factory, working on industrial machines.  Back in the 60's fabric was cheaper to buy than clothes, and my mum loved to sew.  I remember when she got her first Elna Sewing Machine just after my 16th birthday.  A great work horse and one that lasted more than 35 years.

Because of the "recession we had to have" my life changed immeasurably.  Without going into the nitty gritty of it all, I ended up selling my home (at a loss because house prices plummeted) and moved to Sydney where I opened a clothing alteration shop.

It was not all plain sailing, but I did find that I loved clothing alterations, and here I am 20 years later empowering others to do clothes alterations.

The biggest achievement of my life was giving birth to Daniel.   He is now a family man married to the beautiful Amalia and I have three gorgeous grandsons - Lachlan, Mannix and Edison.  I am very proud of Daniel and what he has achieved.  Like me he has had challenges in his life, but he works through them.

They live not to far from me.  The boys go to a country school, surrounded by trees and nature.

My book The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterations sold out in the first three months.  Sadly the publisher took a long time tJudith Turner author The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterationso get new ones printed.  They should be available from June 2016.

My volunteer work has been for the Australian Sewing Guild Inc.  A Not-for-Profit organisation whose motto is "Sharing and Furthering the Art of Sewing." If you love sewing, live in Australia or New Zealand and want to join a great organisation go to the website for group locations.  www.aussew.org.au

Life takes us on some interesting journeys.  In December 2015  I was diagnosed with a lung condition.   With thousands of people subscribing to my monthly newsletter and asking how everything is going, I thought I would create a video on the latest news regarding a lung biopsy.  The procedure happened at Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane in March 2016.