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I use a very bizarre method to fix baggy back leg.  But the thing is it works!!!!

There are 38 videos in this 51 page eBook on Trousers fix 4 common problems.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced seamstress, this eBook will help you fix 4 common problems in trousers which are:-

  • Lengthen the rise
  • Shorten the crotch
  • Fix baggy back leg
  • Take in back panel only

The eBook "Trousers fix 4 common problems, has 37 separate videos covering these four areas in the eBook.  On top of that there are 27 illustrations in conjunction with the Step by Step instructions.  The method to work out how much to take from a back leg that is baggy looks odd, but makes sense when you see how the problem is fixed.

+ BONUS VIDEO  - Trousers baggy centre front seam




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