repair hole in stretch fabric

repair hole in stretch fabric

Repair hole in stretch fabric will be visible is darned with a needle and thread.  However when a stretch top has little holes, the darning would also be noticeable.

The holes could have been created by the the fabric being caught on a watch or a sharp rough object, or perhaps it got attacked when it was in the washing machine?  Darning may seem like the only alternative, but there is another choice.

With today's fashions anything goes, and you can use this to repair a stretch top.  Let's assume you have a stretch top with a small hole in the very front just below the waist.  This is a very noticeable area.

Turn the garment inside out, and pin on an angle from one side seam (left) to the other side seam (right).  Stitch from side seam to side seam or create a few seams on odd angles.  Only create a very small dart in the minimum amount necessary to create a seam.  The section with the hole, you may have to sew a little more, but once you turn it inside out and iron the seam flat, it will look like the top has sections joined together.

It looks a lot better than trying to darn the hole.

Happy altering

Judith aka genie

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