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Latest eBook is How to fix trousers with baggy back leg.  Uploaded 30th June to Magic Circle.  Enjoy....

Over the coming months, every video I create, I will also create an eBook with photos and illustrations.

eBooks with videos inserted will remain.  However each one will be updated without videos, and a full feature video on the alteration will be remade.  Latest one is breaking down Trousers - 4 Common problems.  The first one is on How to fix baggy back leg.  Full feature video is in Videos and an eBook with just illustrations will be added here.

The flipbook format will not longer be used, as I could not get the videos to view in full screen.

Ebooks Magic Circle provides two distinctly different eBooks.  Download for your own personal use.  Just click on the download button.

1. Digital eBooks which have step by step instructions in the written word, plus illustrations.  An added benefit are step by step videos on each step.  As they say a picture says a thousand words, or in this case a video.  Most of the videos have a special Full Feature Bonus Video at the end of the eBook.
2. Technical eBooks which generally provide illustrations of a technical nature.  For example how to draft a sleeve pattern specifically designed to fit into a ready-made garment without sleeves.  This involves how to go about obtaining the measurements from both the person and the garment, then drafting a pattern from those measurements, and finally cutting and inserting into the garment.

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