Converting halter neck straps to normal for those with neck issues.  I personally am not comfortable wearing a halter neck.  Maybe it's because I am either sewing or on the computer, and therefore my neck is tight from the sewing and computer work.  So if I find a dress I like but it has a halter neck, I change it to normal straps.

The only thing you have to do is place an extension at the end of the straps and attach the straps closer to the center back. The reason for this is that the halter strap at the front will be closer to the underarm, and if you put the strap in what I would call the normal position for a strap, then it will fall off the shoulder.

The other option is to run a new strap UP the center back of the dress and attach the end of the halter straps to this section.  Imagine a dress with a black background with a floral print.  Use a plain black fabric up the center back and attach to that.

The only issue you will have is bra straps showing, but if you where a strapless bra you would not tell.

Happy altering
Judith aka genie