I initially choose writing a book to share my knowledge

Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed 3rd EditionIt took 9 years to document my methods and techniques and complete my first edition of Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed.  Once completed, I sent off copies to publishers.  A lot of publishers did not reply, and those that did, said no. Limited copies available Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed

So I took the next step of getting the book printed, which included the book design, layout and creation of the Jean Genie.  Once that was complete I began to sell it via my new website.  Seven years later, I was put in touch with a publisher through my dear friend Krista Thompson from the Australian Sewing Guild Inc.

The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterations

Diane Ward took a look at my digital version, followed up with my hard copy, and she called me to say they would love to print the book.  It was a product they believed in and on the 1st December the book hit the book stands.

Called The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterations, it is a comprehensive book on how to alter your own clothes.  Clothing alterations is something that most people have a need for.  Learn how to shorten trousers or jeans, take in clothes that are too big, replace zips and shorten jacket sleeves to mention just a view.  The book is 288 pages full of step by step instructions and videos.  see more.........

After my physical book, came eBooks.  Each one targets a specific clothing alteration.  see more............